Friday, June 22, 2012

Essie: Lights

This spring, Essie released a line of polishes under the name of Poppy-razzi.  It consisted of 4 polishes: Lights, Camera, Action & Bazooka.  Two shades instantly caught my eye and I had to pick them up.  The first of the two shades is this one here: Lights.
partial sunlight

Lights is a vibrant pink (it leans more to the warm toned side of pink).  This collection was supposed to have special light reflecting properties that made them appear brighter, shinier and more vibrant than the average Essie polish.  I absolutely love love love this colour and it is a must have for me for Spring & Summer.  I think vibrant nails are the perfect pop of colour to compliment any outfit.
This is definitely my favourite of the two shades I picked up (I also picked up Action - a vibrant orange).  It's formula was decent but it needed about 2 - 3 coats for full opacity.  It is a bit on the streaky side on first application but was easy enough to work with (much easier than Action.)  Overall, if you are looking for an eye catching, bright and stunning pink - this would have to be it.
natural light - most true to colour
Did you pick up anything from the Poppy-razzi collection?

xo, Chanel


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